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HVAC Maintenance

If you write a list of the top 5 things that are absolutely crucial to maintaining your quality of life in a country with a climate like that of the UAE, wouldn’t air conditioning be at least number five on the list? Could you live without it? Well, like a car, air conditioners need regular maintenance to maintain proper performance. With expert maintenance, they will work more economically and be more dependable for years to come. Our specialist teams and wide-ranging experience at TAWOOS means that we cover every aspect of AC installation, repair, and maintenance.

Kitchen Duct / Hood & Exhaust System Cleaning & De-greasing

An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.

Regular maintenance of a restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system is one of the primary defenses against fire hazards. It will also help to keeping these systems working at their best. They will also evacuate smoke and grease out of the building more effectively.

The purpose of a kitchen duct extraction system is to remove greasy air from a commercial kitchen. This is an essential device to ensure that the indoor air quality within the kitchen is healthy for the employees that work there. During the cooking process, grease from fats and oils along with any possible fuels (charcoal and wood) are removed from the kitchen through the extract system. Along the way through the extraction system, the hot air begins to cool and attaches itself to the duct, forming a jelly like substance on the side of the duct. This jellied grease has now become the biggest safety and fire risk in your kitchen; hotel and building.

Outdoor Unit

This is likely the part of your system you think of when someone mentions an HVAC system. The outdoor unit houses the fan which provides air flow. Pro tip: Keep your unit clear of debris and vegetation as it can cause serious problems if plants are sucked into your fan.


Your filter is the second part of the air return in which the air is drawn through. Pro tip: Make sure to change your filters regularly to keep your system in tip-top shape.


As a part of the outdoor unit, the compressor is responsible for converting refrigerant from a gas to liquid and sends it to the coils. Pro tip: If something isn’t working quite right, check your compressor. It is often the cause of many system failures.

Exhaust Outlets

Another part of your system is the exhaust outlets where the exhaust created by the heating system is expelled. Pro tip: Check your chimney flue or vent stack annually and tune it up if necessary.


Usually another part of the outdoor unit, coils cool the air as it passes through with a little help from the refrigerant. Pro tip: Check your coils annually. If they freeze up you may want to check your filter and/or refrigerant levels.


Your filter is the second part of the air return in which the air is drawn through. Pro tip: Make sure to change your filters regularly to keep your system in tip-top shape.


The blower draws in warm air through the main section of the unit. Pro tip: The more efficiently this air moves through, the more durable your system will be.

Electrical Elements

This part of your system can be a bit trickier, but often problems originate here first. Pro tip: If something isn’t working right check for a tripped breaker or dead batteries in your thermostat.

Air Return

Your air return is the part of your system that marks the starting point of the ventilation cycle. This return sucks in air, draws it through a filter, and then passes it into the main system. Pro tip: Make sure to dust your returns frequently as debris and dust can easily build up on your filters.

How Does An HVAC System Work?

The three main functions of an HVAC system are interrelated, especially when providing acceptable indoor air quality and thermal comfort. Your heating and air conditioning system is often one of the most complicated and extensive systems in your home, but when it stops working you’ll know soon enough! There are nine parts to your HVAC system that you should be familiar with the air return, filter, exhaust outlets, ducts, electrical elements, outdoor unit, compressor, coils and blower.
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