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HVAC AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

The AC AMC Annual Maintenance Contract includes the regular inspection of the machines and provides their facility if required. In commercial and industrial places a number of Air Conditioning are available which require maintenance after some time. It demands a regular inspection, maintenance, repair, purchasing tools, and much more. That is why the industrial and commercial structures always choose our company and contractors because we perform regular inspections. We, ADS AC Dubai Services offer you an annual maintenance contract with their highly skilled and insured handyman who has years of experience in AC Maintenance Job. We are available everywhere in Dubai. For any queries or get a quotation just go ahead and feel free to contact us 24 X 7.

What is an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)?

An annual maintenance contract is an agreement between a company and a provider that sets expectations for the ongoing maintenance of machinery or property that the company purchases from the provider. The annual maintenance contract ensures that the service provider will repair or replace equipment or products sold to the customer either when they are not functioning or as otherwise agreed between the two so as to minimize the consequent impact on downtime or irregularities in ensuring business continuity.

Annual maintenance services can apply to buildings, landscaping, computers, machinery, technically-enhanced furniture, and any other technology or business systems that require post-purchase service and maintenance. In specific industries, AMCs are certainly more prevalent than others. For instance: manufacturing, food service providers, healthcare, and retail have more annual maintenance needs than, say, an office.

Contracts can include additional conditions based on services you provide to your customers. Several extraneous offerings can be covered under the contract, such as transportation of replacement parts. The business could choose to pay more to have transportation and replacement parts included within the contract, rather than separately billed.

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