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HVAC Cladding Works

Cladding with Aluminum or in GI plays a vital part and is an in eliminable protective layer for mechanical insulation systems including pipes, vessels, and equipment in all exposed areas prone to mechanical damage.

It protects the insulation and underlying pipe/vessel from physical damage, UV exposure, corrosive atmospheres, and water.
Cladding with Aluminum or in GI commonly known as cladding which is available in smooth; stucco embossed, and corrugated.

Smooth (Plain Mill) Finish This is a very popular finish and is the “default” for numerous end-users/specifiers who prefer the clean look of this finish. A smooth surface is easily cleaned and provides what many consider to be a more attractive appearance.

Stucco Embossed Finish This is another popular finish used. The stucco-like surface texture hides small imperfections and scratches caused by physical damage during or after installation. This finish also reduces reflectivity while still looking very professional.

Corrugated Finish Another significant option when choosing aluminum is corrugation. Corrugation is available in a variety of sizes and adds stiffness to the jacket material.

Hot Tapping Procedure

When to Avoid Hot Tapping


Hot Tapping makes it possible for pipeline owners and operators to isolate and bypass sections of pipeline so they can complete their projects without shutting down the system or losing product.
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